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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Busy Time of Year

I have been so swamped with the holiday and the end of final examinations that I've struggled to maintain my 'blog. There's been so much to write about, especially since Bush has been sacking everyone that doesn't say "yes." Ukraine has been told by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin to fall in line while President Bush has ironically pushed for a true democratic vote. No one's paying attention to the disaster in Darfur; the more the votes are counted in Ohio, the more "fuzzier math" keeps popping up; no international relief has been set up for the storm victims in the Philippines; and the Bush Administration has outright admitted that in order to privatize Social Security (and sack another New Deal program), the government will probably go into the hole by another $2 trillion.

I think my son is cutting a tooth and he's unfortunately crying a lot. While Will's only about the twenty-billionth human that's ever cut teeth, I've never experienced my own child in pain like he is. Bless his little heart, I wish I could take his pain.

My highlight right now is finishing up Rick Hertzberg's Politics. This book is a reader in traditional liberalism and progressive political thinking. A must read for anyone who believes that democracy, authentic politicking, honesty, and social responsibility should be promoted in this or any country. I should give it as a gift and I just may.

I bought my tickets for Derek Trucks in February. Can't wait.