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Sunday, November 28, 2004

What I've Been Up To

Just to really look at what I do with my time:

Music: the new U2 (at least once a day), Dylan (big kick as of late), of course, Bruce (his early 90's faze does have some great material), and lots of jazz.

News: The Nation (on line), Eric Alterman's Altercation (on-line 'blog/journal), SF Chronicle, CNN.com (hourly in my classroom for true "current events"), KPFA 94.1 in my car and on the web in the morning, and NPR at home (only radio station I get, but the best all around news source).

Reading: The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood - Pulitzer Prize winner from about ten years ago. This is a thick, thick read.
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown - for my book club. ONly forty or so pages into it. This had better have a fun storyline because the writing is terribly pedestrian. I could probably write better than this guy.

Magazines: Newsweek (a.k.a. What the Corporations Want You To Read, but I do for the mainstream culture and political articles, as they are informative on a broad level), The Nation (again), The New Yorker (I absolutely LOVE this; God bless Scott Miller in Fresno for turning me on to this three years ago), Bible Review - an excellent journal of historical/textual criticism and application.

Movies: The Ladykillers (The Coen Brothers, of course I liked it!); Supersize Me (watch out for later review); Dogville; Hannah And Her Sisters (God bless Woody); Kill Bill Vol. 2; Duck Soup; Harold and Maude.

Man, no wonder I'm complaining that I have no time! Totally selfish with my time! However, with the holiday season upon us, it is time to devote myself to canned food drives, toy drives, donations to the Rescue Mission, Habitat For Humanity, and getting the pipes ready for the Sing-along Halleluh concert this Saturday. If only a local church could encapsulate all of the spiritual and political and social and emotional and intellectual beliefs of mine, I'd join. Until then, I'll continue to avoid the Inherit the Wind-mindset group of pharisees that continue to spew anti-intellectual, myopic, antiquated ideas.
How was your Thanksgiving? What's good in the theaters? In your cd player?