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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

BoSox and Martin Sheen

Just a quick note today, as I retire with the latest New Yorker to read to Will. The Astros didn't quite do it but have one more shot. Tonight was all about the Sox. What an incredible series between them and the Yanks. I'm not even sure I'll follow the Series as closely. Just loved watching the guy from Boston get up there and slug it to the overpaid, bloated imperial dynasty. Yes, there's an allusion to be made, and yes, I'm hoping this trend continues until November 2nd.
Tonight's episode of the West Wing was awesome! I'm glad to see that the t.v. show, one of the best on t.v. that raises contemporary issues as well as fictional "do-overs" from historical flops, makes for good t.v. Tonight, Jeb Bartlett, whom I'd elect president any day, slammed anyone who was willing to bomb a country in order to make his citizens feel better though he really knew that the target was truly a patsy. Excellent. I hope that the writers wrote enough into their scripts this last summer to mop the floor with George Bush's mistakes. Unfortunately, they'd need another season to do so, and by then Bush will be gainfully unemployed; removed from yet another in a series of grown-up jobs that he wrecked while never truly earning.