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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Returning To Roots

This last weekend, my family and I visited sunny Fresno, where we had previously lived since the mid-1990s. Heather was thrown a baby shower by two of her closest friends from graduate school yesterday, and so we made it our first road trip for little William. The trip allowed me to see some of my best friends, made in Fresno but truly some of the best people in the whole world. With many of them, I saw Huey Lewis and the News at the Fresno Fair. We enjoyed the show, the band performed really well, the crowd enjoyed itself, and the experience of being with the people who I moved away from but never left brought a warm feeling to my soul. Feel the power? :)

My little son has continued to amaze me. Being around other little humans for the first time in his thirty-some-odd days on this trip, he saw how others walk, crawl, cry, sit up, fuss, eat, and learn about the world. Will is slowly finding his voice as well as his hands, and it fascinates me to think that his brain, being a work in progress, is working while it is learning how to work. It's a great feat for Will to be able to pop that pacifier right back in with those hands! The best is when he looks at me as I sing to him, patting him on the back while rocking him. I get emotional just typing this! What a sappy sad sack.

Tomorrow I'll rant and rave about Round Two of the debates and how John Kerry continued to show the country that his opponent does not deserve another term of office.