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Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's All Relative

Tonight, my parents had my "cousins" over for a barbeque/swim party which also served as Will's debut to the family. These people that came over tonight aren't blood relatives, but I've never had blood relatives, so this family is the next closest thing. The woman who is the head of the family is my mother's best friend and has been since before I was born. I call her my Aunt Anita. Anita's children, who are now in their late 30s and early 40s, are as cousins to me. They babysat me, watched me grow up, came to my wedding, let me watch their children grow, and are now watching the circle complete itself. Most of the brood was over at my folks' as we bbq'd, swam, "spirited" and caught up on a lot of news. Aunt Anita's mother just recently passed as my mother in law's just did, so there was some bonding on all levels. A great time had by all. Will was the center of attention, and as families reunite, the beginning of a life always serves as a celebration and a remembrance of those just passed.
I head back to work tomorrow. We'll see how things go. Bags under the eyes, coffee cup in hand, sleeping during the prep; I can't wait. All I know is that the earlier I come home, the more time I can spend with my Will.
Six years ago tonight, my former roommate and I caught Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Led Zeppelin being one of my all-time faves, this show was great. Much different from their '95 reunion with orchestrated backup, but a two hour blues-rock powerhouse performance that included everything from the expected (Bring It On Home, Wanton Song, Gallows Pole) to the mind-numbing (No Quarter, Whole Lotta Love). Page is one of the greatest guitar influences I've had, and this show showed me that at the age of 54, this man could still teach me a thing or two. Every time I strap on a guitar, I still play in the shadow of Jimmy Page, which in my opinion, serves as a testimony to the inspiration the Zeppelin had on countless people over the last thirty years. I think it's time to Ramble On...