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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Where Is the Outrage?

The Swiftboat Veterans For Truth - Yet another right-wing propagandist oxymoron if I ever smelled one. An ad-hoc organization with dubious financial and media support is only now trying to educate the voting public about the "failings" of John Kerry from thirty-five years ago. I wonder if members of this group were also supportive of the ads four years ago that accused Senator John McCain of fathering an out-of-wedlock black daughter. No maybes about it, George W. Bush's implicit support of this organization further justifies the necessity of his removal. Read here for more.

I know I'm going to jinx myself, and while I have not a single superstitious ounce in my being, I believe that November 2nd will be a day of change and celebration. Polls being conducted in each of the fifty states, according to websites listed on Altercation The Nation, and in Newsweek Magazine, show John Kerry well ahead of the current president-select. There are plenty of electoral votes to be thrown around, I know, but the chances of every state still currently in limbo going to Bush can not be that statistically high. If Kerry wins the popular vote by at least 6%, I'm calling that a referendum on the current administration. If Kerry defeats Bush by at least 40 electoral votes, I'm claiming it as a rejection of the Bushies. Hell, if John Kerry beats Bush with three dimpled chads and questionable ballots cast by felons in Florida, I'll hail it as an act of God. All I know, is regardless of who wins, I'm getting drunk that night. All I need now is the reason. :)

Did anyone see this? Costco is now in the box business, selling caskets at below-retail prices. There's only one problem, and it's major; they only come in packages of fifty. :)

I joined a book club with some neighbors of mine on my street. I've never been a member of a book club, but I've always relished the idea of sitting around, like in an eighteenth century French salon, talking literature and philosophy (at least outside of my undergraduate years). The book we chose is John Irving's A Prayer For Owen Meany. I hope I have the time and energy to commit, because this may be a good prospect.

While my wife still doesn't see the tragedy in this, I couldn't get tickets for Bruce's six-day VoteFor Change tour. :(