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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Off and Running

Tonight, most Americans watching the debate must admit that John Kerry's presidential acceptance speech started off with a bang.  His first fifteen or twenty minutes were dynamic and personable, two characteristics that have been lacking in the personality category for the politicians.  I won't delve deeply into the speech, but if anything happens, the Democrats have at least upped the bar for both houses of Congress to take action on the points addressed, encouraged both parties to make this an election of issues and not mud-slinging; and have done nothing but remind Americans that politicians, political parties, and the federal government can and should be made to serve the needs of the citizenry of this nation.  I was inspired, not for any political jabs or innuendo, nor for any grandiose political demagoguery, nor for any self-congratulatory flag-waving patriotic rhetoric but for the fact that this convention challenged both parties and all Americans concerned with this election that no matter what, the American people and the future of this country demand the best from all of us.  True democratic demands were made tonight, and whether or not Democrats or Republicans can best deliver the goods, what Americans witnessed was the best interests of the country made policy. 

John Kerry's speech ran about twenty minutes too long.  I can relate with the guy; he wants to not only explain himself but leave no one with questions.  In the process, he sounds like a windbag and can often lose his audience.  Being a teacher who truly loves to lecture, I know first hand why people need not to be entertained but to be included and encouraged to participate.  I still thought it was a good speech.  Overall grade: B.