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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Gu-vah-nah Cootsie-Wootsie

Okay, I'm beginning to tire of the movie-quoting Governor One-liner whining that he can't get what he wants.  Up in Sacramento, Governor Arnie called the Democratic Assemby "girlie men" and then stumped to have them all voted out of office this last weekend.  I think the "girlie men" line, directed towards Democrats like John Burton (who once used to smoke stogies and joke with the state chief executive), has been blown out of proportion.  Gay-rights groups have taken offense to this, yet ironically enough, N.O.W. has been suspiciously silent.  Arnie's comment (harmless in a schoolyard context) isn't homophobic; it's sexist.  Pattern there?  Women's rights groups should be screaming for Arnold to at least publically admit that he needs to be a little more careful of what he calls his colleagues.  At least Arnie didn't tell the Dems to go f*(@ themselves. 
Two underlying presuppositions regarding the governor's words are the root of my anger.  The first is that politics is a man's world and a man's game and those who can't handle it aren't weak,  but female.  Next, I'm waiting for our movie-quoting governator to tell John Burton, "shut up, b#@*%, fix me a turkey pot pie!"  (I'll let the four of you who actually read this note the source).  Could you imagine what press Democrat Jackie Speier would get if she called Schwarzenegger and the Republicans a bunch of "dominant male monkey mother-f*#&)@#s"? (okay, c'mon, Steve, quick, what's the movie?)?  Her head would be on a platter and she would be forced to apologize.  The sexist attitudes of our leaders who believe that their opponents possess personal or biological attributes of those with only x chromosomes is one major reason why we haven't accomplished anything in Sacramento - pigheaded male chauvanism.
The second of Arnie's underlying presuppositions is the scariest: he thinks he was elected to dictate to the people of California what he believes is best for them.  Didn't we recall a governor that we thought was incompetent, who couldn't communicate his vision to the Assembly, and who thought that his vision was the only vision for the state?  Now, we've got some clown (isn't that what Arnie's previous profession was-to put on make up and funny costumes in order to make us laugh at him?) in Sacramento who believes it's his God-given duty to tell us what we need to do.  And, if anyone's really reading the fine print, we'll see that he's following Gray Davis' policies nearly to a T.  What happened to bipartisanship?  What happened to the "new Republican" who would work with both parties?  Finally, what happened that convinced us as a people believe that ACTORS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RUNNING OUR LIVES?  The last prominent thespian (ha!) who forced himself into office first screwed over California and then wrecked havoc over the nation throughout the 1980s.  Using our model of how we choose our leaders, I'm making a prediction for Presidential race of 2024:  (a b-rate actor with no vision but lots of friends in high places) oh crap, Freddie Prinze, Jr. !