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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Headline Grab Bag

Reading the SF Chronicle (you commie bastard, you!) I took note of several things that caught my eye:

Ken "Kenny Boy" Lay was indicted and arraigned on charges that he was a part of the scheme to cook the books at Enron and screw over, oh, let's say, anywhere between 30 and 60 MILLION people by creating energy shortages that people in California haven't quite forgotten about yet.

The Senate Intelligence Committee (oooooooooh, the irony in that group's name) appears to be strictly looking to roast the CIA for faulty intelligence gathering in the whole Iraq War thing. Not even bothering to touch the White House. Senator Ron Wyden, D-OR, stated that "The administration took a flawed set of intelligence reports and converted it into a rationale for going to war." While Wyden's quote is a dissent to the entire committee's official position, don't you think that Wyden and others would hold the administration responsible? Was I the only one who read Bob Woodward's latest book? The Bushies were out to get Iraq from Day One and were willing to use anything to justify a war. Notice (according to Woodward, who, so far, hasn't been shot by the administration for making stuff up, unlike Dick Cheney) that George Tenet's "slam dunk" of supposed intelligence on Iraq's weapons programs wasn't even sought after until months AFTER Bush and Rumsfeld began war planning? A preponderance of evidence, both anecdotal and empirical, shows that the Bushies knew what they were doing all along. Remember, "this was the guy that tried to kill my dad." I'm not even going to quote that source because we all know who said it. You know, it's only 9:22 in the morning and I'm going to be drinking in about five minutes. Man, I have never loathed a human being in my life like the current president. I would cross the street if I saw him walking down the sidewalk. This man doesn't represent me, the God I believe in, the country that I love, nor anything else that I give credit to and I pray for the day that he actually finds a job that he's earned.

Yesterday Bush attacked John Edwards' lack of political experience. DID YOU HEAR ME? Where's Aaron MacGruder when you need him? I want a Boondocks strip on this one. If I could draw, it would have Georgie Porgie's quote and two images, a pot and a kettle. I want to keep this a 'family-friendly' page, so I must make this quick without resorting to profanity. I'll rant later about the two-party duopoly on American politics and how really democracy in this country fails to offer us real choices, but right now I think that everything that comes out of George Bush's mouth was put there by the Josef Goebbels (sorry, no umlaut). This guy helped make Adolf Hitler's public platform what it was. Tell lies big enough for people to believe them and keep repeating them. If you won't convince the people, at least you'll convince yourself, right? When asked to compare John-boy Edwards and Dick Cheney, Bush replied "Dick Cheney can be president." Well, it appears that Cheney acted that way on 9/11, and seems to pull the strings on the puppet when he wants to already. And speaking of Cheney becoming president, we must all stop right now and thank Dr. Heimlich for inventing the maneuvre that dislodged that frigging pretzel from George's throat a couple of years ago, or else the International Atomic Energy Agency would be sending a cleanup crew instead of aid workers to Baghdad right now.