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Friday, July 02, 2004

the horror, the horror

R.I.P. Marlon Brando - man, was he really 80? This iconographic star of not even our generation has been one film giant to carry a legacy of near legendary status. When was the last film that he starred in that will go down in the annals of celluloid history? Apocalypse Now, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, and who wasn't either terrified or riveted by Brando's performance? Last Tango in Paris is something that only NPR-types like to talk about due to its pushing taboo subject matter, and that film is now thirty. Just recently I had the pleasure of viewing Brando's two greatest early films, On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire. Both directed by Kazan, Brando pushed the envelope with timeless performances and obviously some cool quotes. Who hasn't, just for the fun of it, yelled out, "Stelllllaaaaaa!" at the top of his lungs or griped about almost being "a contendah!"? And then, of course, there was 1972...

As we are celebrating the day that John Adams believed would be the day that all of the world would remember (the day Thomas Jefferson presented the Declaration of Independence, on the 2nd of July) but was off a couple of days, I hope that we all have a great Fourth this Sunday. Not being unpatriotic, though I know there are those who will label me as such, I will celebrate our nation's birthday in two days. However, this year, I am hoping and working on celebrating Independence Day on November 2nd, which is, of course, the day of the presidential election. I can only pray that more and more Americans wish to truly wave their patriotic colors by helping add to the 5.6% unemployment rate by adding one more to its ranks. More on this as well.