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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Doggie Doo

The BBC reported today that British Prime Minister Tony Blair adamantly believes that the WMD's in Iraq will be "accounted for." The news agency quoted Blair as standing firm with the United States in the two nations' goal of locating and dismantling Saddam Hussein's vast stockpile of chemical and other type weapons. This flies in the face of an interview the Prime Minister gave just yesterday on how WMD's may never be located though the two nation "coalition" did right in toppling the Hussein dictatorship. Did I miss something? Are the world's most widely-read newspapers only misquoting leaders when they don't make slip-ups? Should I be helping take notes for Al Franken's next book? It appears so far that the Bush/Blair WMD claim is as solid as the Bush/Cheney claim of the al Qaeda-Hussein partnership quote. As I say time and time again, I love watching this administration claim and do what it does only because as a history teacher I have the privilege of exposing students for the next two generations to the lies, blunders, and outright failures of the Bush Pusch. Oh well, another day, yet another rant.
By the way, do yourself a favor and try your best to purchase the Derek Trucks Band's Live at the Georgia Theater. This band is absolutely amazing and this record serves to be its "Live at the Fillmore East" (all you heads know what I'm talking about). The most electric guitar player out there, the DTB runs the gamut on musical styles sounding authentic playing each kind, the singing (Mike Mattison) is soulful and dynamic, and the overall musicianship from Yonrico Scott (drums), Todd Smallie (bass guitar), Kofi Burbridge (flute, keyboards), Count M'butu (guest percussionist), and of course Derek (monster guitars) still floors me when I listen to the album, even though I've been a dedicated fan of the band for five years. Support the band, support good music, and do yourself a favor by picking up Live at the Georgia Theater.