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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

It's All Happening!

On a related side note, today is director Cameron Crowe's birthday. We've all seen his films, quoted his lines, and loved his films. My personal favorite (as my friends are tired of hearing about) is his 2000 release, Almost Famous. My friends (the same, see above) took me to see it, and admittedly, I wasn't that big of a Crowe fan prior to this film. However, we all went to see this film with our wives on the sneak preview night. (If you're familiar with the film, it'll help understanding this one today.) From the moment Anita plays "America" for her mom, I knew I was in for something great. As the opening riff to the Who's "Sparks" blasted throught the speakers, my feelings only intensified. Throughout William Miller's adventure across the country writing about the band Stillwater's tour in 1973, one gets a glimpse (a little sappy, a little nostalgic, a lot human) of life on the road with people living a life of decadence, free spiritedness, and hopes that whatever "rock and roll" really means, they'll find it at the next gig.
Crowe's film took in half the amount it took to shoot; hardly anyone I know has seen it, as it may seem too much of a niche film. However, critics rightfully praised it, my bandmates all loved it, and I still can't forget it. I know that I am of the generation of VCRS and videogames, of cable television and couch potatoes when I can quote some of my favorite movie lines as real answers to real life situations daily. I use lines from this one all the time. Thank God, my wife understands my love for this film and also enjoys finishing my quotes (I love you, Heather!). This is the sole contender of Forrest Gump as my all-timer, and you should do yourself a favor and rent this one tonight if you haven't seen it. What are your thoughts on the film? Tell me about it! My wish is that everyone will dig Almost Famous, but hey, what do I know? I'm just one of the out-of-focus-guys.