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Thursday, July 22, 2004

I Bet You Didn't Know I Was Anti-Semitic!

This will go over like a lead ballon, I know, but I am sickened when I read of how the Israeli government continues to defy international condemnation of the building of the West Bank security barrier.  The United Nations has denounced the building of this structure, and yesterday the General Assemby voted 150-6 in opposition to the wall.  Israel's Supreme Court ruled the structure to be in violation of "international law and human rights in areas where it cuts Palestinians off from their lands, schools, and other towns" (SF Chron, 7/22/04 p. A11).  The International Court of Justice has also ruled that the wall violates the inherant rights of Palestinian people.  I understand the Israeli people's desire and need to protect themselves from the horrible attacks of suicide bombers and other people who commit acts of violence.  However, what is happening is sanctioned apartheid.  The vast majority of Palestinians - people like you and me who are just trying to make a living, sending their kids to school, and praying for peace - are being segregated from the land that is rightfully theirs.  The Israeli government believes it is doing what it believes is right, but what is happening will do nothing to establish peace between the two groups in that country.  Palestinians - who have occupied the region for more than a thousand years - have the right to an autonomous, independent homeland that has been denied them for the last forty-six years.  Could you imagine if the six tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy (which existed longer than this country) declared that it was reclaiming its homeland in upstate New York and lower Canada and anyone who challenged them was anti-Iroquois?  That's exactly what happened with Israel's formation after WWII.  Let's save the controversial founding of Israel for another date.  But to broaden this rant, the hypocrisy of the United States government in supporting the West Bank barrier flies in the face of its so-called efforts to extend peace and democracy in the Middle East.  White House spokesman Scott McClellan yesterday called the U.N. vote "one-sided."  One-sided?  150-6 is more than one-sided - it is an international mandate for change in Israel.  Conservative, evangelical Christians in this country, of whom the president is one, support hook, line, and sinker everything the government of Israel does.  It's a matter of God's will, I guess.  God has called for the government of Israel to rise back up the Middle East, piss off all of its neighbors, and help prepare for the Second Coming of Christ, which would result in all Jews (i.e., NON_BELIVERS) going to Hell, not soon after Christians retaking control of the area.   Of course, the United States was one of the six nations opposing the halt.  While it is more than understood that Israel faces regional tensions and many of its neighbors out and out detest its existence, actions denying Palestinians their homeland complicate the issue even more.  I'm not talking about Yasir Arafat (thug), the Second Intifada (four years running) or the P.A.'s lack of consistency in promoting a peaceful solution to this crisis.  Again, I'm talking about how people must be able to peacefully coexist in the region, and while religion and territory hardly ever make for peaceful solutions, we can only pray that this country can objectively help broker a peaceful solution.  However, I agree with professor and author Noam Chomsky who claims that Israel, the United States' "largest off-shore military base" must do more to solve its own issues without furthering bloodshed.  Please, someone, help enlighten me on this issue and educate me on why this conflict still continues.

On a funnier note, check this out:  Here's evidence to show that the reason why we as a species differ from our primate cousins is due to brain damage! :)

Tomorrow in the SF Chron: Why Bruce's songs are miscontrued, even by Democrats who claim to love his music.  I can't wait!