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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kerry 3 Bush 0

Well, in watching the dry and torpid debate last night, I still have hope in the Democratic challenger. While neither Kerry nor Bush were at the top of their game (whenever is Bush at the top of his game other than reading "My Pet Goat"?), most Americans agree with me that Kerry topped Bush for the third straight time. For the first time since I've been registered to vote, I placed a campaign bumper sticker on my car and even hung a sign in my window. It's not that I just hate George Bush, though I do, but that I honestly believe that John Kerry will make an adequate president. I haven't said that before since I've been conscious of presidential politics. I also hope that this will be the first election in my life where I've voted for the winner (don't ask, I've bounced across the political spectrum and have supported many a third-party candidate). Some funny things last night:

Bush never said that he wasn't concerned about Osama bin Ladin. Or did he?

Kerry was actually funny when he related himself to the president in "marrying up", though he may have moreso than Bush. Pretty funny, self-deprecating moment that shows how Kerry honestly understands and can publically note that his wife may have, as we've been told, a little bit of money in the bank.

No Child Left Behind is actually a job creation program. Yeah, and so is invading a nation illegally, jerk.

The SF Chron reports a story that the United States is the only industrialized western country to reject a U.N. plan "adopted ten years ago to ensure every woman's right to education and health care and to make choices about childbearing" because the statement mentions "sexual rights" (p. A9). The President refuses to even profess publically that he's concerned about the treatment of women because he's concerned about a woman's right to ultimately decide what she does with herself? He's bent out of shape by "activist judges" and a "creeping government" at home yet fails to note the hypocrisy of his own statements? Welp, my fellow Puritans, let's all don our black outfits and big hats with buckles, find those Hester Prynnes, and stone them for what, ultimately, even most Christians even belive in, which is the concept of a person's free will. Georgie's gonna set the record straight by declaring women unfit to make choices for themselves, be deemed repectable in the eyes of the United States, and be denied the right to be protected from men in certain parts of the world who still practice female circumcision, kill women for adultery, forbid them to be seen in public on their own, deny them the right to be literate, ban them from becoming spiritual heads of churches, enslave them and export them to the United States as prostitutes, and deny them the right to vote strictly because a decision a woman makes on her own signifies the lack of control a man has over her? Crimony sakes, I think I'm going to throw on Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant to remind myself of why Arlo nearly was sent to Vietnam in 1966 due to the fact that he was arrested "for litterin'".

Why do I keep 'blogging? I guess because 10:30 a.m. is a little early to be drinking.