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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Welcome Back

...from my self-imposed exile of silent mourning. Last Tuesday was an extremely tough day for me as I watched my presidential hopeful lose a hard-fought election with Uncurious George. Ranting in another post.

Today I want to stop and thank all veterans who have been brave and selfless enough to give their time, energy, and for some, their lives, in serving this great nation. Let us stop and pray for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who have my support for their safety and well-being but not for the war that their commander in chief illegally threw them into. Let us also stop and reflect upon the fact that this nation chose to elect an administration littered with men who, due to (in the words of the vice president) "other priorities" will not be honored yet have added over one hundred fifty thousand men and women to the list of honorees of today's holiday.

I said that the rants would come later, but the truth must always be told.

Mostly, I want to thank my dad. I love you, Pop. By the way, congratulations for last Tuesday, councilman!