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Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Love the Washington Redskins!!!

Oh, only if superstition rang true, I would sleep well in my bed. The Green Bay Packers carried out God's will, at least since 1936, by defeating the Redskins 28-14, which, according to presidential election history, means that John Kerry will defeat the incompetent, er, I mean, incumbent president. First the curse of the Bambino laid to rest, secondly, this. Maybe my cell phone will start getting reception everywhere in town. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Happy Halloween, everyone. May this night you find your loved ones as they wander across the land and be sent to the hereafter in order for us to celebrate All Saint's Day tomorrow. Then we party on Super Tuesday!!!

Props to my friend, Chris "Lefty" Brown for a copy of the Vote For Change concert video. If you missed this, pray for a commercial release, because Bruce and company's performance is worth the price of admission alone. Greatest single song, however, was a blistering John Fogerty singing "Fortunate Son" for a new generation with as much venom and anger as the original thirty-five year old studio release.

Happy trick-or-treating.