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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Heart of Texas

The most fitting= and yet ironically-named of all members of Congress is Texan Tom DeLay. It appears, based on the contrived and most likely unconstitutional redistricting efforts of his in Texas, that true democracy can no longer be practiced. Health centers, both overseas and at home, aren't receiving funding due, much to DeLay's efforts. The Congressman has been leading the charge for the creation of constitutional amendments banning both gay marriage and flag burning. Tom is truly doing all he can to DeLay the freedoms and rights people are inherently owed in the Constitution. I agree with the dire necessity from denying people the right to burn fabric, as flag burning, next to the AIDS epidemic, failings of the for-profit health industry, proliferation of gun-based violence, the threat of terrorism, and the looming crisis of fiscal mismanagement, will truly be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Apparently DeLay has broken the donkeys' backs, as Democrats are weak-kneed and terrified of "The Hammer." Let's see whether "activist judges" who find him guilty of his political and financial dealings buckle in fear of Bush's strong arm in the House.

I'm stil in mourning about the election two weeks ago. I have yet to fully unleash in my classes, though, the anger and frustration I have regarding the latest neocon coup at State, but I'm waiting...Bush will step on his you-know-what pretty soon and I imagine that there will be a very vocal opposition from the Left, whether over an issue in Iraq, health care, another tax cut for the wealthy, or health care. Maybe his ending Social Security or policy of torturing more enemy combatants, such as those who protest his next military excursion. I'm being overly melodramatic, but damnit, I'm pissed that this nation, this confederacy of dunces gave this clown another four years to turn this country into a class-based, wealth-based, pro-industry, anti-environmentalist, anti-inclusion, anti-democratic, anti-republican nation. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave knowing that not only is a total intellectually-vacuous individual sleeping in his old bedroom but that a theocracy has been installed that actually is implementing an action plan to deny people their civil rights and freedoms, use war as a tool to scare people into supporting government policies, and doing all it can to demolish almost ninety years of true internationalist alliance-building. As I've said before, in more organized rants, I'm just pleased that I get to teach this stuff to countless numbers of American schoolkids who, right now, are blinding by the right but will learn the bigger-picture, nuanced version of history where the United States is a nation with an agenda, not a holy decree to carry out in the name of homophobic, racist, U.S.-exceptionalist fundamentalists who fear modern science as much as they do anyone with a foreign accent.