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Friday, November 12, 2004

Isn't It Ironic,

don't you think, that George Bush is naming Alberto Gonzalez as his next Attorney General less than a year after Gonzalez helped draft the Bush Doctrine's laxing of U.S. policies banning the use of physical coercion, otherwise known as torture? Does Bush really have the balls to push his choice through the Senate for the nation's highest ranking law enforcement official with a track record of permitting, grant the analogy, police brutality? Wow. I guess he's spending some of his "political capital." Let's hope this first check bounces.

Scott Peterson was convicted today of first-degree murder in the killing of his wife and second-degree murder in the death of his unborn son. While the murders, as all murders are, were tragic. However, if Laci, rest her soul, wasn't pretty and white, this whole story would be anti-media hype. Total cannon-fodder for the t.v. tabloids, print hounds, and ambulance chasers. It sells, so it prints.

I'm in the middle of guitar shopping. Does anyone know of a great used acoustic guitar that plays well, sounds great, and comes with a case for under five hundred dollars? Does anyone know anything about Blueridge Guitars? I've read that the BR-160 model is fantastic, but I can't seem to get my hands on one.

Finished the Dylan autobiography, but that's for another blog' night. Even as the five chapters of Chronicles, Volume I are organized, he was so much older then, he's younger than that now.