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Monday, November 29, 2004

Sorry, Kelly

A good friend of mine chastised me for not mentioning family yesterday. Sorry, Kelly. I've been extremely busy, obviously, with my wife as we raise our twelve-week old son, William. Little Willie is doing just fine, though he's developed colic and has been really irritable. Sometimes he'll cry for minutes on end though nothing seems to be wrong, only to rip the biggest gas explosion since the Republican convention and immediately settle down. I wish I could put pictures of him on the web, but someone would probably superimpose his head onto a picture that I would have take issue with, like George Bush.
My quick e-mail I sent to Eric Alterman's Altercation journal made it in print! I'm almost famous now, which isn't half bad. Scroll down to the correspondants' corner. Thanks, Steve.

I would like to know how people feel about the Republican putsch of immoral, unethical, and downright dirty agenda of the right-wing of the neocon movement. Naming Condi Rice as Secretary of State was a sheer crime, considering her dereliction of duty during the first three-quarters of 2001. Naming a woman with absolutely no prior experience as an educator as the head of Education is yet another travesty (which, piled on top of the No Child Left Untested Act) that will see that department crumble (which is exactly what the right-wing nuts want, anyway). Here's a woman (whose name eludes me) who headed Bush's reformation of education in Texas during his governorship. Test scores skyrocketed. So did the dropout rate. I can imagine that the number of WalMart employees did, as well. So, what does California do but model itself after Texas. Great, as if 41 wasn't a low enough ranking in the national polls. Let's see if we can't catch Alabama and Louisiana while we're at it! Not pushing through the intelligence reform bill to overhaul the departments that dropped the ball on the terror alerts prior to 9/11. Just great. You fire George Tenet but do nothing to aleviate the next problem.
Gotta also love the House Republicans for drawing up impeachment papers for the first time a Democrat even attempted to unzip his fly yet opted to change the rules in order for Tom DeLay to avoid being disciplined according to the rules the GOP drafted a decade ago. I see how it is. What frightens me is that these undemocratic, two-faced FLIP-FLOPPING thugs don't even have to set the Reichstag on fire to get the results they want. Don't cancel the 2006 midterms, just rig them like you did Ohio. Don't actually count ballots like most republican forms of government do, just have the election committee, which is in the pocket of the ruling party, have an ACTIVIST judge step in, like Florida. Finally, show public concern for election rigging and the stifling of democracy in a half-rate country like Ukraine while turning a blind eye to some of the dirty tricks authored by your personal manager, Karl Rove, for the last four years. Man, if Dick Cheney wasn't creating job security, a huge pretzel right about now could come in handy. I hope I'm not being out of line. Maybe I should publish this after John Ashcroft's successor has been sworn in.