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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who's Going Home (Pulp Fiction)?

I'm curious, for those of us willing to go public with our guilty pleasure. Who's leaving American Idol tonight? Not sure, as I wasn't fully wowwed by any of the contestants. I must say that I'd most want Taylor fronting my rock band. His first song was kind of dorky; Chris, though, needs to lighten up and shake his money maker instead of constantly look like the pained lead singer of Creed knowing his personal video tapes were made public by Kid Rock; Elliot can sing but I think he's losing his "Idol edge" and luster with the teeny boppers. Katharine (sad that I even know the spelling) has the girl factor and it doesn't hurt that she's drop-dead gorgeous. However, she's dropped the ball on several accounts, including last night's I Can't Help Falling In Love. She's got a modern-day Linda Ronstadt quality which is cool but she's so show-tunes and classical training that she doesn't quite seem to be pop-rock. My wife thinks Taylor's going home; I'm torn between Kat and Chris. We'll see. Whaddya think?