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Saturday, April 29, 2006

What's A Song?

I ask, as I continue to spin the new release, "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions". I'm really enjoying this new album and find that modern-day renditions of songs literally centuries old show the timelessness of good storytelling and musicianship. "An album of folk covers? WTF?" are the two most-asked questions even on the Bruce fan sites and this record is creating a minor revolt in disgruntled Boss lovers. Not only is this a left-field album for Bruce but also even for the songs being presented. The history of these songs, while recorded and popularized by the legendary Pete Seeger have deeper roots in America and the British isles. These songs reflect the anger, loves and prayers of the common people, the nameless and faceless souls who work, fight, marry, cry, grieve, hurt, struggle, celebrate, tell tales, tell tall tales and even taller tales, hope, die and live on. From the Dust Bowl of the Depression to the nineteenth-century Midwest, independence-era Ireland, from the cotton fields of ante-bellum South to 16th century England, these songs create the lives of the experiences of many, many people who helped make this nation what it is today. These songs are being derided by detractors pissed that Little Steven and the Big Man aren't on it but these beautiful treasures are little history lessons each listen. I love this album and am eagerly anticipating the tour, which will make these stories truly come to life. What makes me love this album all the more is watching my son dance, clap his hands and smile to the music. For that and that alone, this album gets a ***** rating!