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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A True Pervert

I love my brother. I love the institution from which he's completing his doctoral thesis. I love most of its history. I don't love its former senator. I know that my friends Steve and Chris do. They love him so much they've dedicated something to him, though I'm not sure (nor are they) just what exactly it is they've dedicated to him. All I know is that "it" is called the "Santorum" in honor of Pennsylvania's fallen protector of families, idiots, morons and hypocritical homophobic religious intolerants (gentlemen, please chime in). Why don't we let Rick tell it best here.

Now, this.

And this.


I'm late for work, so I'll comment tonight. Also, some new music - jazz, pop and country.

Why isn't anyone going to see the A's play? Maybe because ticket prices are so outrageously expense, regardless of their near-first place rankings. I'm not paying $30 to sit in the back of the first level past the third base line. Sorry; the view from my couch is much better for that price. Drop your price by half and I'll buy an extra beer while in the stands.

Sydney Pollack passed away this week. Sad news for good moviemaking. Check out his performance in the oft-ignored Husbands and Wives.