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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is This Thing On?

How did I find this place under so much dust? It's time to re-discover my voice and write again. I don't even care if anyone reads this; I want to simply get this moving forward once again. A year has passed and quite a lot has happened, of course. Now that 2010's a third finished, there are many things to celebrate. The first being my little ones' birthday! Happy arrival date, little ones! Cupcakes and tons of candy and pizza and crashing on the floor with a movie night.

Tonight's not the night to begin raving but:

The Truth & Salvage Co.

Here is my new favorite band. I discovered them opening for the Black Crowes in December. Something about them got to me; by the time they wrapped up their set, I was sold. Like watching an old Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, I felt like I had been swept back to the time when rock wore its roots on its sleeves: country, folk, a little soul. As if Crosby, Stills and Nash wanted to be the Band but ended up like the Eagles. They have some songs that already sound timeless, like they belong on On the Border, Stagefright, Deja Vu. Find them on youtube or their upcoming album: "Call Back", "Hail Hail" or "Pure Mountain Angel", which effectively has dethroned "Seven Bridges Road" as the best vocal ensemble song in rock! Anyway, I caught them again last week (they're opening for the Avett Brothers) and they knocked the Fox Theater out. I got to meet the guys and spend intermission with them; they signed my poster which graces my classroom wall and they treated me terribly nice. I'm off to catch them again tomorrow night in a club in Santa Cruz. There is a funny story as to how a major near-miss in January with these guys led to a little serendipitous experience. That'll be next time. That'll accompany a note about tommorow night's show.

Ah, stretching the wings feels good!

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