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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Coldest Winter...T&S Night Two

As Sam once said, is a summer in the city. Last Thursday night was no exception. Caught a nap before heading out west and feared a train wreck with the Bay Bridge tolls up at $6, but since I left later than I wanted, I missed the 'peak hours' and made it into Oakland (ah, Rockridge), onto the Bridge and into the city in an hour!!! What I didn't realize was that Truth & Salvage wasn't to hit the stage until 10:30 or so and I was in the Castro at 8:00. I had my camera with me and I wanted to snap a shot or two of Harvey Milk's Castro Camera and I drove through the neighborhood, humming with people all along the streets, window shopping, moving to destinations, lazily ambling or head-down-and-hoofing it. I loved being surrounded by the rainbows and the brilliant Castro Theater sign and the countless shops and restaurants. Truly a more vibrant neighborhood than the Haight, though I must claim extreme ignorance on how and where the city lives and breathes. Tons of traffic, so I didn't snap a picture and was disappointed with myself (thankfully, later in the evening, I did find that my camera wasn't charged so no shots were on for the night, anyway). I made it back to the block where the show was and grabbed a bite to eat. I didn't want to walk around by myself once the sun went down for lack of knowing where I was and it being bitingly cold, so I figured I'd grab a drink inside.
Once in, I felt like a mole; century-old, dark-stained wood and dim lighting (EPIC place - would love to catch another show there!), I stumbled downstairs and towards the stage to hear the first of two acoustic but unknown local bands (apologies). Liked what I heard and saw but figured I was cold and only a libation or few would get things going. While Cafe du Nord is home of the Swedish neighborhood (just how many Swedes made it to the City back then, anywho?), being of hearty Irish stock, it was black and tan time. No need lecturing me on being Irish and loving the "black and tan"; do your homework and you'll see that it's all good in its anti-Britness :) Turned from the bar and came across Smitty, the man who got me started in all this T&S mess :) and sat down for nearly an hour. The rest is mine but I probably would have been cool had they not even played.
The band hit the stage at eleven and plowed through a fiery set of fast-tempo'd songs (even for the slow ones). The guys were in good form, the crowd in a good mood. Where the hell were the throngs of people, though, I wondered, as it's a damned shame the room wasn't wall-to-wall with fans. Are people not reading the reviews? Reading this 'blog? :) Hearing them open for the Crowes and Steve Miller and others? WTF?
At any rate, the set:

1. Hail Hail (here we go...)
2. 101 (ahhh, I can smell the salt and eucalyptus)
3. Brothers, Sons & Daughters (GREAT beginning, Smitty crashing the cymbals)
4. Island (though not Middle Island Creek, which I requested)
5. Call Back
6. Rise Up (by now, Scott's ripping on the leads and showing more than on the album)
7. Old Piano
8. Welcome to LA (whatever you wanna find, you'll find...)
9. LGP (sweet Jesus in Heaven, Scott, you burned through this song!)
10. Charm City - one not on the record, though this one better be on the next one!
11. Heart Like a Wheel
12. Giant
13. Jump the Ship
14. She Really Does It For Me
15. See Her
16. Cowboy Song
E: Pure Mountain Angel

(I stole a setlist)

They had a great time. Jack passed around and the solos and choruses showed a band firing on all pistons. Not the album, which was polished and focussed; this night was rip-roaring, like that night was all there was going to be for T&S. Nothing to prove to anyone but everything to take from all of us. Let's put it this way: the place roared seventeen times and the greatest disappointment was hearing the guys rip into the Thin Lizzy cover as I knew the show was wrapping up. One hell of a show. Post-show is also mine. Thanks especially to Bill, Tim, Scott and Adam for some great conversation. While T&S are opening up for Big Head Todd & the Monsters later this month, it'll be during my first week back at school and tough all around to make. I don't know if I'll make the show and with that, when I'll be able to catch them again. It may be a long time, which I'm not looking forward to. Either way, it's your responsibility to check them out. Godspeed, guys, I wish you all the best. You've been just the best these last six months.

I hit home at 2:30. The next morning was tough as the kids were hitting the ceiling early but it was all good. "Daddy, did you go to a concert?" Did I ever...

Let's wrap this up: go buy Truth & Salvage Co.'s album. It'll be the best $15 you've spent on music this year. Or any. Check out the website. Support these guys. They're worth it.

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