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Thursday, July 01, 2010

One Great Setlist

It's now a month old, but my friend, Steve, gave me a copy of the record release party show on DVD!!! Here's T&S in Asheville, NC the night their record came out:

01. Hail Hail
02. 101
03. Heart Like A Wheel
04. Welcome To L.A.
05. Call Back
06. Rise Up
07. Old Piano
08. Brothers, Sons & Daughters
09. Charm City
10. Island
11. LGP
12. Our Love
13. Giant
14. The Shape I'm In (The Band)
15. Jump The Ship
16. She Really Does It For Me
17. See Her
18. Alligator
19. Cowboy
20. Pure Mountain Angel

Quick review of last night: The Mountain Winery was a stunning venue, though the sound was a tad quiet. The audience, at least our portion of it, was a complete downer, with people yelling at me halfway through the first song to sit down during the Crowes. The Crowes were not good at all and the guys appeared to be out of sorts. T&S owned the place; they had great audience support from those who were in the seats and not milling around. Eleven songs (the album minus Brothers, Sons and Daughters). Great energy. Met the guys after the set. Steve had his album cover signed. About twenty minutes or so of personal chit chat - very special time. Tonight, the city and Cafe du Nord. Hope the boys play something close to this above-mentioned set, along with Middle Island Creek. Post tomorrow.