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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Daddy, When Will We Die?"

We were sitting by the fireplace, eating cookies dunked in milk, playing dominos and enjoying some one on one time as the twins were asleep when my oldest dropped that question into my lap. I choked. While I answered my son, I shuddered to face one of my greatest fears, that of my children grasping their own mentality.

[for a little levity to this entry, just as I entered the last sentence, my younger son vomited all over us in bed. A half hour, a load of laundry, a shower and new bed sheets later, I'm wrapping this up.]

April 1st, just announced today. Thinking of actually sitting in the nosebleeds for $38. Things really are that tight. On sale is next Tuesday, so I'd better decide fast.

Tommorow'll mark a week with our new prez. So far, so good. A colleague returned today from a week in D.C. and gave me a t-shirt and a Washington Post. Very cool.

Off to sleeping on the floor as I don't share a bed well with my little ones. They roll around too much for me.